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About Attorney Herbert Adams

Herbert Adams is a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, Southern Methodist University School of Law and Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government. Throughout his educational background, Mr. Adams has been the recipient of countless honors and has taken part in numerous campus activities. Herbert Adams’ passion for learning, combined with the experiences that he’s shared throughout his own education, is what ultimately directed his more recent professional endeavors as an educator.

Herbert Adams first began his career as an educator back in 2012 at Clayton State University of Morrow, Georgia. As an adjunct professor, Herbert teaches courses in in the Department of Social Sciences. Over the years, Mr. Adams has found it quite rewarding to be able to prepare the next generation of paralegals, investigators, lawyers, scholars and leaders. Throughout his over 5 years teaching at the collegiate level, Mr. Herbert Adams has taken part in countless panel discussions and University programs. Today, Herbert Adams continues his to teach at Clayton State University today.

More recently, Herbert Adams took on a full time position in education at Destiny Achievers Academy of Excellence. Mr. Adams first started working at Destiny Achievers Academy, a SACS accredited DeKalb County School District  charter high school, back in 2014. Today, Adams continues his work with Destiny Achievers Academy as a full-time social studies teacher. Apart from his work in the classroom, Herbert Adams commits himself to supporting various extracurriculars for the students, including the Ambassadors Club, Graduating Students Committee and Chess Club. For Mr. Adams, being able to provide his students with an opportunity to succeed academically, has been beyond gratifying.

The experiences that Herbert Adams has shared with his students, at both a high school and collegiate level, has been nothing short of a gift. Today, Herbert Adams continues to relish in his career as an educator and looks forward to future endeavors supporting tomorrow’s leaders.

Herbert Adams is an experienced attorney, dedicated philanthropist, and respected educator in the Jonesboro area of Georgia.

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